Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tracey's threads

I was listening to Front Row on BBC Radio 4 yesterday evening and they had an interview with Tracey Emin.

'Everyone I Ever Slept With 1963 - 1995'

Love her or not, she certainly provokes thought. In the run-up to her forthcoming exhibition at The White Cube Gallery in Whitechapel, London, she spoke of her new work and her return to sewing as a method of expression.
'I do not expect to be a mother' (2002)
She sees it as a way of expression during difficult times where we all have to fall back on more creative ways. Perhaps Tracey Emin, more than any other modern artist, epitomises this in her work over the years. The tent, the blankets and the chair. A skill which many see as a 'craft' can be used to effect and inspire.
Strangely enough it energised me to rush off to the sewing-machine today!
'There's alot of money in chairs'

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Valerie said...

The Tracy Emin pictures are a reminder that behind the hype she really has got something to say and a valid means of expressing it. I don't connect with her drawings, but these textiles are engaging, traditional because they're craft but with that modern twist (like the still-a-bit-shocking embroidering ex bedfellows names on a tent!) She's too easily dismissed as 'mad Tracy from Margate' but there's true talent there.
Like the blog. Best wishes