Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Another name for the list

I'm so excited with my new projects to do with sewing lessons. The schools may ignore it but there are lots of people who want to gain the skill. I'm glad I did all those years ago. It's never ceased to inspire me.
Anyway, while working out a class plan I came across an Etsy seller who has some very helpful pdf patterns. As you may know from my crochet blog, chaincreative, I am a passionate fan of Etsy. It's the only gathering of talent I've found of it's kind. There's is something for everyone. It's not 'curated' as such so there's a wide sweep of talent but talent there is, and heaps of it.
Keyka Lou has a lovely collection of projects in the sweetest prints which are so 'now'. She writes in profile of her love for sewing which rang alot of bells for Sewing Bee. Read in profile of her mother's influence. That's the only way I learnt and now my daughter has become even more talented. It just keeps giving!
Anyway, I'm going to hope that Keyka would answer a few questions for us.
Keyka also curates a lovely blog so there's even more chance to get to know her. An additional bonus is the occasional series of 'how to' posts.
She's a find!

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Suzanne said...

Omigosh, I love her patterns! Hooray for sewing. I'm thinking of starting a sewing class for the neighborhood kids. What do you think?

- Suzanne