Monday, 15 June 2009

"I am an American happily living in Norway with my Norwegian husband and two young children. Staying at home with my children allows me to share in everything they do and gives me some time to enjoy all the crafts I love. Whenever I can I am busily knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidering, beading, or making cards."

What a lovely way to introduce yourself and your work. I discovered Ravenhill quite by chance. So much by chance that I can't even remember but ever after I recalled the lovely colours of her fabrics and the attention to detail. It all came flooding back when I was oo-ing and ah-ing over a friends Babushka cakes which showed the same delicacy of touch but could disappear in a 'pop' in your mouth. Then I thought of Ravenhill's more permanent ladies.

The dolls are actually Matryoshka dolls and each comes with her own Fru (Mrs) name. They are made in colours clear and luscious with wonderful touches of embroidery. I'm so impressed by the work and attention which shows some real loving care. True collectors items.

There are many ways of seeing and participating in her work through Etsy and her shop, Ravenhill, her blog, and just delight in her photos on Flikr.

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