Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Lotta Jansdotter

There are many reasons why I wish I could divide my time between the UK and USA and Lotta Jansdotter might come somewhere in my shopping list whilst back there. I remember a lovely freebie from Selvedge magazine some years ago was a notebook or some such thing from Lotta's gorgeous range of print textiles.

I could just blah on about her and I'm sure you won't find it hard to gather lots of lovely images on the web so I'll leave you time to do that. I really just want to alert you to her style.

My Sewing Bee is really a library of my sewing pets (never hates) which we can pick up and be inspired.

The best place to begin is at Lotta's own web site where you can get a feel for her very happy style. Being Finnish, she has that Scandanavian sensibility that I so love, from the colours to the simplicity, it's effortless.

If you're keen to pick up some ideas and run with them yourself, then you can with her book, Lotta Prints. You'll be able to shine both with the sponge and the needle!!! "Textile lovers rejoice! Lotta Jansdotter's new book is full of printing methods for everything from your tote bag to your table runner. She explains each process in detail with beautifully styled how-tos, tips for working with different materials, and a showcase of crafts made with each technique." –Linda Permann, founding craft and decorating editor, Adorn magazine (Sadly no longer in print).

If you want to learn more of her talent, then you could do no better than 'attend' and interview in her studio, courtesy of Etsy.

What better way to spend a happy half-hour. Then go and get the sewing machine out and some paints!!!

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