Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sewing by the book

Sometimes we need some inspiration - well, I seem to need a lot of that commodity. And sometimes we find it through books and magazines.

I've stumbled across a couple of publications which I thought I'd pass on and then I'd search them out for myself too.

The first is a 'real' magazine in that you have to physically go and buy it. Tsk, but it's title was cute so I felt it best to pass on to my dear readers. Sew Hip was launched in 2008 for beginner and intermediate seamstresses (they say 'sewists' which is a step too far for me). Sadly they don't have many pictures to pepper my words with but here's one that will make Claire Montgomerie at montyknits squeek as her rabbit is having a little lie down on the cover!!

Next up is a rather more accessible publication as you can sit in your jammies (ahem) and read all about it. Threads is awash with observations and tips. Part of the appeal to me is that they give little crits of that week's Project Runway so I'm a very happy girl.

Maybe all the people who are asking me about sewing tutorials will get the bug and start (gasp) making their own clothes. Has it ever been done!!?


Libbie said...

sew many projects! :) What to do first! LOVE your header...way cute!

Mrs G said...

what's happened to the sewing Bee?? has she stopped sewing?

Agnes xx