Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What a deal

I was having a lovely chat with a friend who is as crazy as I am about sewing. She also knows a deal when she sees one and this is some deal!!! A sewing machine from John (lovely) Lewis for just under £50!!! Whoa. Plus it looks the cutest little red corvette I ever did see. I believe they might try and introduce some other colours but that's not all it's charm. Perfect for the novice they say and that's just what I like to hear. The more people we can encourage to sew the better. If price and colour are good then hopefully the other tick points will follow. Easy drop-in bobbin sounds good and having nice clear, uncomplicated introduction to stitch choice rather than a confusing crowd of stitches, half of which you won't use, is definitely an advantage.

Sales have been beyond expectation and they've had to rush more out than anticipated. That tells me that people are coming back to sewing. We'll be making our entire wardrobe soon and Vivienne Westwood may not be alone in her expertise!

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