Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Jessie Chorley and Columbia Road Market

I'm a bit of a magpie and a bit of a fantasist. I'm a bit of lots of things and I love people who are a bit the same!!! A few years ago a friend gave me a lovely brooch for Christmas from Buddug Humphreys and I started my search for more by her.My first port of call was Broadway Market where I knew she had a stall. One cold November Saturday I walked down through the market stalls and stumbled upon Buddug and her stall which she shares with her friend and colleague Jessie Chorley. Jessie is the a seamstress like Buddug and I was really charmed by her handmade gifts made from rescued items such as old spectacles cases which opened to reveal perfect little sewing-kits of vintage finds. Everything is nostalgic but with a twist.
The time of year for my next visit was entirely different. A hot Sunday in June, moseying down Columbia Road flower market. If you're not a resident of London but find you're in town with a Sunday to spare then go there. Immediately. It's fabulous. We had a lovely morning and we watched the stall-holders selling the mountains of gorgeous flowers and wandered in and out of the beautiful little shops that line the street behind the stalls.
Suddenly I spy a doorway (146 Columbia Road, E2) leading into some rickety stairs up to an open-windowed first-floor straight out of a Dickens novel. The rooms were filled with a cornucopia of Jessie's and Buddug's work and quite a few fans like me.
I could have spent hours in there but sadly I had to high-tail it home so I'm planning my next trip!!!
At the same time I'm going to check out Beyond Fabrics which looks like a 'destination store' as far as I'm concerned and Franklin Alvarez (I'm not entirely sure if that's still there) who use vintage finds to make gifts and artworks.

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